Condiments, Seasonings & Stock | Fusion Food Haus


Condiments, seasonings & quality stock are the silent stars that make or break your dish. Choose from a variety of brands loved by generations like Knorr, Maggi, Suree, Golden Boy, Aroy-D & more.

  • Salt Seasoning
    <p>Seasoning from Germany & Asia galore. Soy sauces, ketchups, chillie sauces, aromats for dips or base ingredients. Count on them for delicious, umami finish to your dishes.</p>
  • Sugar & Caramel
    <p>For your sweet meats  kebabs, desserts and caramel glazes, explore the sugars & caramels in store.</p>
  • Stocks
    <p>Beef stock, fish stock, scallop stock, Tom Yum stock & vegetable stock. We have what you need to make that much-desired light soup, stir-fry or to add dimension to your gravies & dishes.</p>
  • Dressings
    <p>Check out our niche array of salad dressings from Knorr, Kuehne & more. Sachets for long storage to make to preference or bottled and ready-to-go.</p>

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