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Pasta & Grains

Spaetzle, Penne, Lasagne, Rice Noodles, Ramen, Egg Noodles, Crispy Hotpot Noodles, Shirataki can be paired with the number of sauces we also have in store. Try pair them up and meals sorted for the family!

  • Rice
    <p>Kaset, Golden Phoenix, Mongkut, Golden Bowl, Sushi, Arborio are amongst the variety of rice available. Jasmine, Basmati, Glutinuous, Sushi, medium grain for your staple or dessert recipes, you will never go wrong with the choices we have to offer.</p>
  • Other Staple
    <p>Get potato mash or tofu-based staple alternatives for that healthy meal. Tofu skin makes a great replacement for sushi rolls when you don't feel like having that seaweed to keep it together.</p>
  • Noodles
    <p>Wheat noodles, Crispy Claypot Noodles, Rice Noodles, Glass Noodles, Instant Noodles; the choice is yours. To order your batch of fresh noodles, just order online or email to request custom quantity.</p>
  • Pasta
    <p>Glutenfree & other wheat pasta like penne, spirelli, macaronni, bow pasta & lasagne.</p>
  • Instant Noodles
    <p>A range of instant noodles from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan which can be quickly prepared. Also, delicious ready-cooked/ just-heat pasta meal-in-a-cup from Germany.</p>

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