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Explore the herbs & spices, pastes for quick gravies & soups, vinegar & sauces, dry pantry ingredients (variety of flours, yeasts, stabilizers, food enhancers), canned foods, rice & noodles for your recipes. Never miss out on the bulk-buy multi-packs.

  • Canned Food
    <p>Canned convenience for your meat (chicken, fish) & vegetables.  In brine, oil or sauces, you will find something to suit your meal idea.</p>
  • Oil Vinegar Wine
    <p>Chillie Oil, Sesame Oil, Rapseed Oil, Peanut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Canola, Ghee bring out the best in your recipes in different ways. Explore our Recipes for inspiration. Shiao Xing, Ching Kiang, Mother Best, Datu Puti, buenas, Hinode, Uchibori, Mizkan are well-loved brands of vinegars and wines you will find. We only sell the very best.</p>
  • Sauces & Pastes
    <p>None can resist delicious stews, gratins, hotpot & classic soups like mushroom, pumpkin, creamy chicken, tomyum & miso. Added to that, think of how quick family meals could be served with our range of sauces & gravies too.</p>
  • Sweets & Snacks
    <p>Need that chips, crackers, crisps & drinks? Try Funnyfrische, Erdnussflips, prawn or fish kerupuk, Apfelschorle, Caprisonne, Mogu-mogu, Dr Pepper and loads more.</p>
  • Spread & Cereal
    <p>Star, Den Gamle, Koelln, EDEKA, Muehlhauser, Gut & Gunstig, Dollee breakfast spreads, jams and cereals to start your day.</p>
  • Baking & Dessert
    <p>Grab baking essentials like cake & dessert mixes, flours, sugars & sweeteners, yeast, bread improvers & other baking aids here.</p>
  • Herbs & Spices
    <p>Herbs & spices do make or break a dish. From cinnamon, star anise, cardamom to fennel, fenugreek & cloves, get those alongside our handmade sichimi & zataar to try today.</p>
  • Pickle & Ferment
    <p>Be it sweet lime, green mango, gherkins, sauerkraut, tamarind or ginger, pickles loved across the globe are here in our selection.</p>
  • Pasta & Grains
    <p>Spaetzle, Penne, Lasagne, Rice Noodles, Ramen, Egg Noodles, Crispy Hotpot Noodles, Shirataki can be paired with the number of sauces we also have in store. Try pair them up and meals sorted for the family!</p>
  • Condiments
    <p>Condiments, seasonings & quality stock are the silent stars that make or break your dish. Choose from a variety of brands loved by generations like Knorr, Maggi, Suree, Golden Boy, Aroy-D & more.</p>

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