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Ready to embark on a Culinary Journey with us?

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Fusion of East-Meets-West, try our Currypuffs, Empanadas, Cakes, Berliners, Rendang Puffs, & Cream Eclaires.  We do custom platters so contact us with your requirements!

Fascinating Bubbletea flavours with chewy boba pearls, Teh Tarik traditionally made, imported German drip coffees, Vietnamese coffee served in phins. We have it all. Enjoy our hot & cold drinks alfresco or in the comforts of our cafe!


  • Meals & Ubereats
    <p></p> <p>Multi-pax meals to choose from for that hassle-free lunch or dinner with family and friends. Also available on Ubereats in single individual portions. </p>
  • Finger Food & Bakes
    <p>We can do platters. Springrolls, Handpies, Currypuffs, Sardine Puffs, Pizza Pinwheels, Sweet Muffins, Savoury Muffins, Mochi, Filled Broetchen are just some of the items you can choose. Contact us with what you need & let's see how we can help you.</p>
  • Frozen & Jars
    <p>Quick meatball stew, a bowl of pelmeni with sour cream, convenient currypuff in the school lunchbox? Always convenient to have these frozen Haus-made goodies to bake, boil or dip into!</p>

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