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Drinks & Beverage

Looking for your favourite brand of syrups, cordials, canned drinks, fruit juices, instant drink mixes, coffees & teas? Explore them here!

  • Tea
    <p>Teas can be enjoyed in many ways. Steep tea leaves like Lemon Verbena, Oolong, Karkadeh Rosella, Jasmine. For quicker options, we have a range of herbal and fruit teabags or 3in1 Ginger Milk Teas too.</p>
  • Coffee
    <p>Jacobs, Niederegger, Krueger, International Roast, Caro, Trung Nguyen Vietnamese Coffee & Thai Olieng are just some of the best you could wake up to & start your day!</p>
  • Cordial & Juice
    <p>Explore our range of syrups & cordials for that refreshing drink or cocktail to enjoy with that special someone. Hale's, Monin, D'Arbo, Goebbber, Grante and even our own special recipe sugar syrup.</p>
  • Drink Mixes
    <p>Try the Cereal drinks which help quell that growling tummy in between mealtimes. A range of chocolate drinks like Ovomaltine from Germany is simply flavourful & nutritious.</p>

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