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Canned convenience for your meat (chicken, fish) & vegetables.  In brine, oil or sauces, you will find something to suit your meal idea.

  • Fish
    <p>Bratherring, Sprotten, Sardines, Tuna in brine, in tomato sauce, in BBQ sauce, dill & horseradish sauce in self-opening cans. Great for easy meals and in sandwiches.</p>
  • Meat
    <p>Chicken luncheon, sausages, vegetarian friendly mock meat, canned quail eggs are convenient to have in the pantry. Marry these with any of our gravies & sauces for that quick home meal.</p>
  • Fruit & Vegetable
    <p>Need tamarind, green jackfruit, bamboo shoots, rambutan for dessert maybe? Explore our range of canned fruits & vegetables here.</p>
  • Pickles & Mustards
    <p>Be it sweet lime, green mango, gherkins, sauerkraut, tamarind or ginger, pickles loved across the globe are here in our selection.</p>

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