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Sauces & Pastes

None can resist delicious stews, gratins, hotpot & classic soups like mushroom, pumpkin, creamy chicken, tomyum & miso. Added to that, think of how quick family meals could be served with our range of sauces & gravies too.

  • Sauces
    <p>Fish sauce, Oyster sauce, Abalone sauce, Scallop sauce, prawn pastes gives a different depth to dishes. Be brave to use these in a number of Western recipes & be pleasantly surprised.</p>
  • Soy Sauces
    <p>Light, dark, sweet, salty, thick, thin soy sauces have a place in a variety of recipes. Use these in place of salt and sugars to enjoy that balance taste with added nutrition.</p>
  • Pastes
    <p>Spaghetti sauces, Curries, Rendang, Laksa, Cream Aiolis are just some of the magic you need to cut down that family dinner preparations.</p>
  • Soups
    <p>Sachet Miso, spicy Tom yum, classic mushroom or pumpkin soup, we have something for you when that craving hits.</p>
  • Meal Kits Gravy
    <p>Who says you cannot get those nutritious stews, gratins & hotpots in a fraction of the time? Explore our range & you'd be thankful you did!</p>
  • Chilli & Ketchup
    <p>Jempol, Maggi Chillie, Sriracha, Tabasco, Hela Currywurst ketchups of sorts we have it all (almost!)</p>

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