Shipments of Orders

Order Processing

Your order will be processed within 4 Business Days of us receiving your payment.  Dispatch will be every Tuesdays & Thursdays (excluding holidays).  Unless and otherwise stated by Customer in their order forms, the delivery will be deemed complete when dropped-off by our preferred courier without any need for signature.  The make a conscious effort to chose the most cost effective delivery option.

Orders are dispatched separately by order numbers and shipping will apply respectively.  If you wish for orders to be consolidated, this can be discussed but we are under no obligation to ascede to your request.

Postage & Shipping

The default postage pricing published on the online shop is for a standard postage parcel of up to 5kg to the various regions around New Zealand. We reserve the right to request additional payment to cover postage costs for orders exceeding 5kg. Customers need to choose the correct region as failure to do so will result in delay in processing of their orders.

Freight & Shipping for wholesale orders are quoted separately in the invoice which needs to be paid prior to order delivery.  The online published postage pricing does not apply.


Where feasible, we chose recyclable materials in packing your order. Whilst we will take special care in protecting fragile objects, we proceed to dispatch your order of fragile items at your own risk.  Our policy of Returns & Damaged Items can be found in our Terms & Conditions should you wish to pursue a damage claim.

Covid Pandemic

We are guided by New Zealand Government's advise in navigating the current climate amidst Covid pandemic.  Expect delays in delivery and instances where fulfilling orders may be affected due to shortages in manufacturing. Note that in these instances, we will endeavour to communicate and work with you on the best possible outcome, fair to both parties.