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Snacks & Goodies

Need that chips, crackers, crisps & drinks? Try Funnyfrische, Erdnussflips, prawn or fish kerupuk, Apfelschorle, Caprisonne, Mogu-mogu, Dr Pepper and loads more.

  • Cookies & Wafers
    <p>Cream crackers, cream wafers, plain or cookies with frostings, savoury or sweet wafers. All delicious.</p>
  • Chips & Crackers
    <p>Irresistable chips & crackers not found in the usual supermarket isles. From Germany, Europe and various parts of Asia, enjoy them with dips, soups or just like that.</p>
  • Instant Noodles
    <p>A range of instant noodles from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan which can be quickly prepared. Also, delicious ready-cooked/ just-heat pasta meal-in-a-cup from Germany.</p>
  • Lollies & Jellies
    <p>Katjes licorice, Haribo jellies, Ricola Herbal, Cavendish & Harvey drops, Kopiko Coffee Candies, Hi-Chew and other interesting variety.</p>
  • Chocolates & Toffees
    <p>Wide range of milk, dark & white chocolates from popular German & other international brands right here for you.</p>

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