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Seasoning from Germany & Asia galore. Soy sauces, ketchups, chillie sauces, aromats for dips or base ingredients. Count on them for delicious, umami finish to your dishes.

  • All-Purpose Seasoning
    <p>Knorr Aromat, Maggi Seasoning, Healthy Boy sauces, Tamari, Teriyaki, Fete Bruehe, Dashi are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the seasonings we have to offer.</p>
  • Soy Sauces
    <p>Light, dark, sweet, salty, thick, thin soy sauces have a place in a variety of recipes. Use these in place of salt and sugars to enjoy that balance taste with added nutrition.</p>
  • Sugar & Caramel
    <p>For your sweet meats  kebabs, desserts and caramel glazes, explore the sugars & caramels in store.</p>
  • Chilli Sauce & Ketchup
    <p>Jempol, Maggi Chillie, Sriracha, Tabasco, Hela Currywurst ketchups of sorts we have it all (almost!)</p>
  • Seafood Sauces
    <p>Fish sauce, Oyster sauce, Abalone sauce, Scallop sauce, prawn pastes gives a different depth to dishes. Be brave to use these in a number of Western recipes & be pleasantly surprised.</p>

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