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Chillie Jam Paste Sambal

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Pantai Chilli Paste with Soyabean Oil 500g

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Sweet sambal is a thick and sweet chili paste that is a delightful condiment in Southeast Asia particularly in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Known for its balance of sweetness, spiciness, and savory flavors, it is made from careful combination of red chilies, sugar (often palm sugar), garlic, and tamarind or lime juice. The sweetness softens the heat from the chilies, creating a harmonious blend that enhances various dishes without overwhelming them with spice. Sweet sambal likely got its name "chili jam" from its jam-like thickness and the method of slow-cooking the ingredients until they become a thick, sticky sauce. This texture and the inclusion of sugar make it similar to traditional fruit jam. Enjoy straight out of the jar or reheat & thin with water or tamarind solution to make a sauce or gravy in which boiled eggs & prawns are frequently also added.


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