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Quality German and Asian utensils, home, kitchen and personal essentials .

  • Kitchen Utensils
    <p>Buy German quality stainless steel pots, weighing scale & thermometers plus hard to find Asian woks & granite pestle/mortars. A variety of other kitchen utensils too so just browse away!</p>
  • Toiletries & Creams
    <p>Imported range of effective yet gentle toiletries and creams for all types of skin, young and old.</p>
  • Shampoos & Bathfoams
    <p>Schauma, Elkos, Dusch Das, Penaten are some well-known German brands you will love.</p>
  • Herbal Remedies
    <p>Our small but ever expanding range of herbal remedies provide relief for coughs, colds, aching muscles and promote general health.</p>

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