Who We Are

We are an East meets West family- here to give you a sneak peek into the variety of ingredients that keep our tummies happy. For those of you who have learnt to love Asian & German goodies, come on over & find your little treasures! 

Our Logo

Orange is earth and sustenance. Out of two 'F's positioned delicately in a Yin-Yang fashion, an 'H' becomes central to our logo. Only with proper balance can this meaningful bigger picture be achieved; FFH for Fusion Food Haus. The balance that is Yin-Yang. The floral Indonesian Batik 'F' and the distinctly German 'F' is tied together by the first letter of our family name.

We are family 'Huth'. 

Our logo represents us.

A marriage of two cultures.

Synchrony. Partnership. Cooperation.

Grounded & earthed.