Herbs & Spices, pastes for quick gravies & soups, vinegars & sauces, dry pantry ingredients (variety of flours, yeasts, stabilisers, food enhancers), canned foods, rice & noodles, roti & dumpling skins. Explore our Recipes for meal inspirations.

  • Seasonings
    <p>Seasoning from Germany & Asia galore. Soy sauces, ketchups, chillie sauces, aromats for dips or base ingredients. Count on them for delicious, umami finish to your dishes.</p>
  • Dried Foods
    <p>Explore our range of dried foodstuffs which traditionally make up essential ingredients in any home pantry.</p>
  • Canned Food
    <p>Canned convenience for your meat (chicken, fish) & vegetables.  In brine, oil or sauces, you will find something to suit your meal idea.</p>
  • Cooking Oils
    <p>Chillie Oil, Sesame Oil, Rapseed Oil, Peanut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Canola, Ghee bring out the best in your recipes in different ways. Explore our Recipes for inspiration.</p>
  • Stews & Soups
    <p>None can resist delicious stews, gratins, hotpot & classic soups like mushroom, pumpkin, creamy chicken, tomyum & miso. Added to that, think of how quick family meals could be served with our range of sauces & gravies too.</p>
  • Cooking Wine & Vinegar
    <p>Shiao Xing, Ching Kiang, Mother Best, Datu Puti, buenas, Hinode, Uchibori, Mizkan are well-loved brands of vinegars and wines you will find. We only sell the very best.</p>
  • Snacks & Goodies
    <p>Need that chips, crackers, crisps & drinks? Try Funnyfrische, Erdnussflips, prawn or fish kerupuk, Apfelschorle, Caprisonne, Mogu-mogu, Dr Pepper and loads more.</p>
  • Cakes & Desserts
    <p>We love our fruit cakes and other desserts, and you will love them too. Check out the range of ready-to-eat or easy-fix quarks, yoghurts and jellies.</p>
  • Spreads & Cereals
    <p>Star, Den Gamle, Koelln, EDEKA, Muehlhauser, Gut & Gunstig, Dollee breakfast spreads, jams and cereals to start your day.</p>

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