2020 - OUR STORY

2 years after moving to the beautiful Kapiti Coast, Mikel & Irma decided that enjoying what the region has to offer meant doing something local.  Going back to the basics of what they love; good company, sharing of ideas and food; the Fusion Food Haus was borne.  In 2020. A memorable year indeed!

A few weeks after the store at Mahara Place opened its doors, the global pandemic hit hard.  Like tea in boiling water, the strength of this dynamic duo reached saturation point in light of intense heat.  True to form, they not only kept open through Lockdown but found themselves busy delivering nationwide faster than expected, serving the community with essential needs alongside major supermarket chains.  Their online shop was realized within an extremely short time considering the thousand items still needed to be stocked onto the shelves.  The two juggled the tasks between each other and it was no mean feat but the result was nothing short of remarkable.

In an East-Meets-West fashion, they give you a sneak peek into what keeps their tummies happy.  You will be greeted with bright smiles as you venture into a treasure trove of foodstuff and ingredients imported from Asia and Europe.  Always ready to share their wealth of knowledge; not necessarily limited to the culinary sort; you might find yourself learning something new by the time you walk out.