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Cakes & Desserts | Fusion Food Haus

Cakes & Desserts

We love our fruit cakes and other desserts, and you will love them too. Check out the range of ready-to-eat or easy-fix quarks, yoghurts and jellies.

  • Cakes
    <p>Fruit cakes, stollen, Dutch breakfast cakes are the handful we have in store.</p>
  • Puddings & Sweet...
    <p>Puddings & Sweet Porridges are comfort foods enjoyed by young & old. We have a range from Germany, Japan, Thailand all guaranteed to please.</p>
  • Baking & Dessert Aids
    <p>Rose water, Orange Blossom, Vanilla paste, food essence & lots more if you are looking for baking & dessert aids.</p>

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